Since founding our firm in 2015, we have represented clients in complex cases both in Illinois and throughout the country. Some of our cases are described below:

  • Our client sold his company to a large corporation with a promise of both an up-front payment and future payments. The corporation refused to make the future payments. Instead, the corporation’s lawyers, a Vault 15 law firm, threatened to sue the entrepreneur. Our client filed his own lawsuit. After a series of rulings in our client’s favor, the case settled with a substantial payment to our client and his shareholders for roughly 80% of the amount sought.
  • Our client, a publicly traded corporation, performed significant construction work for a port company. The defendant port company asserted that it owed nothing for the work performed. We won a three-day arbitration and recovered the full amount of the contract plus several years of interest. The port company was represented by one of the best firms in North Carolina.
  • We pursued a class action lawsuit against a major retailer concerning its customer rewards program. Under a court approved settlement, the class received more than $48.9 million in cash-equivalent store credit, which was automatically added to class members’ rewards accounts.  The class used over $10.5 million in store credit.  The court awarded over $3.4 million in attorneys’ fees.  The retailer was represented by a Vault 60 law firm.
  • Our client sold his company to a subsidiary of a major corporation. The purchase agreement provided for post-acquisition earnout payments. Our client contended that the purchaser took steps to artificially reduce the earnout payments, and filed a lawsuit. The corporation was represented by a Vault 50 law firm. The case settled on confidential terms.
  • We represented a skin cream manufacturer in a trademark proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. The adverse party was one of the world’s largest consumer goods company, represented by a Vault 30 law firm. That company threatened to cancel our client’s trademark if our client did not allow the company to register a similar mark which would have substantially diluted our client’s mark. Ultimately, after contested proceedings, the company unconditionally abandoned its trademark application and allowed our client to keep its mark.
  • We filed a PAGA action in California state court against an electric scooter company alleging violations of California wage and hour laws and obtained an $8.5 million settlement. The scooter company was represented by a Vault 10 law firm.
  • We represented a professional in a wage and hour claim in Illinois. The adverse corporation was represented by a Vault 100 law firm. At an evidentiary administrative hearing, we won a ruling that our client was misclassified as an independent contractor. Following the ruling, the case settled on confidential terms.
  • We represented a real estate entrepreneur in a real estate investment dispute in Illinois. The real estate entrepreneur’s company filed a lawsuit claiming that he had forfeited a substantial investment. We filed a counterclaim for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. The case settled on confidential terms.
  • We represented a pharmaceutical company in several trademark and business disputes around the country. All these disputes settled on confidential terms.
  • We represented a venture capital company seeking to recover damages in a data loss claim concerning loss of proprietary information. The case settled on confidential terms.
  • We defended a group of real estate professionals and lawyers in a RICO claim in the Northern District of Illinois. The case settled on confidential terms.
  • We defended a tenant against a lawsuit filed by landlord claiming penalties and attorneys’ fees. After the close of discovery, we obtained summary judgment for the tenant.
  • We have represented consumers or employees in a wide range of consumer or class action lawsuits, including actions concerning product mislabeling, biometric privacy, wage and hour violations, breach of warranty, false advertising, and other claims. In most of these cases, the defendant corporation is represented by a large national law firm.

All cases are different, and litigation always involves some degree of uncertainty and risk. Nobody can predict with any certainty what a judge or jury will do in any particular case. Accordingly, none of the results described above are intended to suggest that a client will obtain a similar result if he or she hires our firm.

We can help clients assess the value of their claims or their risk of exposure after a thorough review of their unique factual situation.